Philosophy of “CEAndC.Org”

This is a forum to teach, discuss, exchange views on Christian Theology, Bible Doctrine, and Worship Practices of Christian Faith. The site will also engage on socio-religious issues of other faiths and beliefs and counsel on issues of interests to readers. We owe allegiance to no Christian Churches or Assemblies, and we are not bound by any religious practices or ordinances. Our philosophy is Bible based and nothing else.

We will pay attention to our cultural diversities and inform our readers in a manner to prepare them to meet the challenges of life as a person, community, or nation.

Readers will be able to learn how past and present cultures have viewed the world they lived or are living in. Readers will learn about themselves especially where many of their ideas and values have come from, how they compare with others, and what implications their ideas and practices have on others

Readers will learn about religious taboos and myths, rituals, ideas, cultism, symbols and philosophies. Politics and socio-economic issues that affect our daily lives will be discussed.

Above all, like the Barean Christians of the Bible, this site will encourage readers to:

  1. Develop critical-thinking attitude
  2. Think for yourself logically and analyze what you see, read or hear
  3. Cultivate the ability and desire to investigate issues of interest and solve problems with confidence.